Towards a Better Tomorrow

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The Group recognizes the importance of conducting its businesses in a socially and responsible manner. Although the Group is involved in a number of different industries, it is nevertheless held together by a common belief that the undertakings of the Group will benefit its customers, employees, shareholders, business associates and the society alike. To this end, the Group is committed in fulfilling its corporate responsibility in the following areas:

The Marketplace
The Group believes in providing its customers and clients with good quality products and services and be always ready to walk the extra mile for them.

The Workplace
Employees are provided with a safe and healthy working environment where amongst others, safety gear is provided and equipment and facilities put in place to ensure that all working areas are hazard free. Employees also enjoy limited free outpatient treatment at designated clinics. The Group also recognizes the value of training for its employees and employees are periodically sent for training and seminars at the Group’s expense.

The Environment
The Group encourages the use of renewable energy; using where available bio-mass to fire its boilers. All palm oil mills employ effluent treatment system which is carefully monitored to comply with environmental laws.

The Community
The Group periodically supports charitable and social causes such as school building projects and orphanage homes.

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